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This workshop lays the foundation for a creative approach to productivity inspired by Design Thinking, a problem-solving technique originating from the Stanford Design School and used by some of the most innovative companies and organizations in the world.

  • Key learnings: Overview of the 5 stages of a Design Thinking cycle, using design techniques to rapidly prototype and test potential solutions
  • Format: Not currently offered

In this workshop, participants are introduced to innovative methods of planning, organizing, and sharing information using digital tools, including proven strategies from creative fields. Participants learn how to systematically manage large volumes of information, including how to organize their ideas for quick retrieval, without getting overwhelmed or spending countless hours in upkeep.

  • Key learnings: Deeper insights into patterns of thinking and learning, increasing productivity using previous work, creative confidence
  • Format: Not currently offered


"Tiago is distinguished, if not singular, in his ability to combine transformative perspective, rigorous thinking, and ingenuity in his fresh approach to productivity and innovation."
– Drew Levy, PhD
Evidence Science & Innovation group, U.S. Medical Affairs, Genentech
"This class is pretty remarkable... [Tiago] breaks it down for you in very accessible chunks that you can accomplish and you can see how much work he has put into building a really useful class. This is not fluff. It's actually useful..."
– Bruce Hartford
Senior Art Director, Bozell
"The class is an incredible walkthrough of every important aspect of making new habits and keeping them. It makes each step simple and concise."
– MJ Schoen
Producer, Venture Hill Entertainment

Why work with us

We work with your team and equip them to be more productive with the tools they already have, and in the process of doing so we build team engagement, capacity, and connection.

Our trained facilitators serve as productivity consultants, coaches, and change agents. Through their facilitation, your team will understand and embrace new creative processes.

Our Workshops Are:

Project and skills-based

Every workshop is designed to leave participants with a tangible action plan and the skills to execute it


Our communicative approach uses a mix of hands-on demonstrations, group and pair exercises, and directed discussions


All our facilitators have undergone an intensive training program and are experts in their field


The methods we teach work across any device, operating system, or platform


Each of our workshops is customized to your teams specific needs, opportunities, and challenges


Our facilitators support participants in applying skills learned