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Hi, I’m Tiago.

I’m the founder of Forte Labs, and the question that drives me is, “How can humans reach their productive potential?”

To answer that question, I teach and write about new ways for people to do their best work in our connected, digital world.

How I can help you reach your productive potential

Maybe you’re struggling with procrastination on an ambiguous task. Or having a hard time moving an important project forward in the midst of constant distractions. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your job and want to do more rewarding, creative work.

Perhaps you’re simply curious about ways to accomplish more while working less. You might even be thinking about the big picture of how technology is changing careers and companies.

I’ve encountered these challenges and questions my entire life. I’ve struggled in classrooms and workplaces that weren’t designed for my needs. I’ve always felt deep in my heart that there must be a better way to learn, solve problems, and help others. Over years of painstaking research and trial and error, I found better ways of learning and working that allowed me to thrive.

Now, my goal is to help you resolve these challenges for yourself without having to go through everything I did. To enable you to improve how you work to make it more fulfilling and impactful. To help you think more clearly about your productivity instead of accepting how it’s always been done. To see your work as an opportunity for personal growth and self-understanding instead of a burden.

The quality of your work powerfully shapes the quality of your life, and I am passionate about helping you elevate both.

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Have you ever thought you could use a second brain?

Our flagship online course is a four-week program in which I teach students how to build a system for managing their ideas, knowledge, notes, and files. I call this system a “Second Brain.” Students have said the Building a Second Brain (BASB) program was one of the most impactful experiences of their careers.

“For YEARS I had searched for an outlet, some way to store, collate, manage, keep track of all of my thoughts, ideas, tabs, work and personal notes, and it was all-consuming and overwhelming. BASB was truly a godsend and a life changer for me.”
Rob Wilson
Financial Services Professional
“Now, with the BASB framework as a foundation, I approach my day with a playing mindset rather than my former 'dreading the coming slog' mindset. I take joy in the constant rain of ideas. They sprout rather than wither because they have a place where they can wait and even grow until I need them. AND I can find them!”
Joan Jaeckel
Social entrepreneur
“It’s hard to understate the sense of growth of who I am – of what I’m capable of achieving. It has profoundly altered my outlook on life and what I dare to aspire to.”
Filip Rankenberg
Body therapist and trainer

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I am honored to be a part of your journey of learning and growth. Your time is precious, and I will do my very best to ensure that every minute here is well spent.


P.S. For more about me, read my origin story to learn how a chronic illness and a passion for teaching led me to the world of personal productivity.