I’m proud to announce the official launch of Second Brain Meetups, a network of local meetup groups for anyone interested in using technology to build a “Second Brain” – a centralized system for saving your most valuable ideas, insights, and knowledge.

The goal of these groups is to provide a forum for people to share what they’re learning, new tools and techniques they’re trying, and other interesting resources related to personal knowledge management. They will provide a discussion forum for people who are leveraging the power of technology to improve their thinking and turn their ideas into reality, and connect them with like-minded peers in their local city or region.

These groups will absolutely NOT be limited to students, customers, or followers of our Building a Second Brain course. Our goal is to stimulate the growth of the entire field, whether it is called digital note-taking, personal knowledge management, extended cognition, idea capture tools, or something else. We encourage alternative approaches, healthy debates, and the sharing of every kind of tool or system that can be used to “externalize” ideas outside the human brain, whether digital or analog.

When I first began writing and teaching on the practice of digital note-taking, I thought it was a tiny niche with limited potential. But as the idea has spread, I’ve slowly realized that the concept of creating a Second Brain is both profound and universal. It affects everything about how we work and live, including our productivity, creativity, communication, time management, stress levels, information overload, career paths, and goals. It is a way of life. And no one adopts a new way of life until they see how others are doing it.

We are part of a historical arc, offloading more and more of our capabilities to computers as they become more and more powerful. Each time we do so, it is a wrenching and difficult transition for society. Industries implode, careers disappear, and people lose their jobs. My hope is that these groups will be a tiny part of the social infrastructure needed to help people transition to more knowledge-intensive, creativity-driven work over the coming decades.

I want to reiterate that this is NOT about promoting my particular methodology or selling my products. They will serve as useful defaults for those who just want an off-the-shelf solution, but I sincerely hope that we go far beyond that. We need alternative but equally powerful solutions. We need better designed software and hardware. We need simpler options if anyone but the most tech-savvy people are to ever use software to effectively manage their ideas.

We’re launching one city at a time, starting with San Francisco, which already has a meetup scheduled for 10/24, hosted by Russell Kroeger. To be notified when we launch in other cities, join our official Facebook group, where we’ll maintain a centralized directory of all known local groups. We will send people to this official group from across our websites, social media, and courses, and encourage them to join a local group in their region (or start one if it doesn’t already exist).

Meetup groups will be run by local organizers, with minimal support from our side. This ensures that we won’t become the bottleneck and won’t stop groups from innovating. We’re going to start slow, ensuring that groups have a critical mass of members. But we are at the very beginning of what I believe will eventually be a movement, and as it grows you should be able to find more and more like-minded people where you live.

Thank you for reading, and please email us at hello@fortelabs.co with any comments or suggestions, or if you are interested in organizing a Second Brain meetup group in your city.

In the meantime, click the button below and join our official Facebook group for discussions and updates:

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