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The Habit Graph

Mapping my habits using network theory By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs The modern science of network theory can be traced directly back to Königsberg, the prosperous 16th century capital of the Duchy of Prussia. Specifically, it can be traced to its seven bridges, which connected two islands in the river Pregel to each other and

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Tagging is Broken

Why the tagging concept in Evernote and everywhere else sucks By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs This post was republished on the Evernote blog There is an axiom in the productivity world that goes something like this: “Tags are inherently superior to folders” The reasons seem compelling at first glance: Tagging allows the same files/notes/items to exist

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What’s Wrong with “Productivity”

By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs I once promised myself that if I was deceived into clicking on one more sensationalistic headline promising “10 Magical Productivity Tricks to Change Your LIFE OMG!!!”, I would immediately launch a scorched earth campaign against the productivity industry. That was 11 minutes ago. So here we go… Here are

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Education of a Behavior Designer

By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs This story ends with an online class I created on how to design sustainable habits. It begins in 2010, when I first discovered the world of habit formation, while writing a book on my travels. Reading classics like Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and William Zinsser’s On Writing Well,

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