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Second Brain Week: A Free Workshop Series from Top Experts and Creators

To celebrate the launch of the 11th edition of Building a Second Brain, we’re co-hosting the first ever Second Brain Week, a series of free events with 8 top creators and experts. Come join us to learn about digital note-taking, organizing, productivity, knowledge management, and online education, and how creating a system of knowledge management for yourself can

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The 10 Biggest Changes We’re Making to Building a Second Brain

There is one guiding question for our team as we design the Building a Second Brain course: How can we make a course that is impossible to fail? So many courses make a big promise of everything you will do and achieve…as long as you perfectly complete every lesson and comply with every requirement. I remember taking these courses.

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Introducing Building a Second Brain 11: Idea Inception

I recently rewatched Inception, the blockbuster film directed by Christopher Nolan. The film takes place in a world where “dream sharing” technology has been developed by the military for training purposes. By hooking a group of people up to a special device and putting them to sleep at the same time, a team of dream

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Feminine Energy: What Productivity is Missing

There is no perfect algorithm that will tell you how to maximize your time for the things you most care about. You need to rely on your intuition. You need self-awareness to know what is truly important and understand what is actually stopping you from getting something done. But this perspective is often missing because

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