My first self-published ebook (Affiliate Link) went live in the Amazon Kindle store this weekend. I feel like a proud parent:

It is a compilation of 16 posts from this blog, published between 2014–2016, updated and edited for clarity, accuracy, and consistency. If you’ve been wanting to dive into the archives, now is the time.

It is available for free for the next 2 days, so click the link above and download a copy if you have any interest. This offer is not retroactive to past members nor does it apply to future members, mostly due to policy restrictions from Amazon.

I plan on releasing an ebook each year or so, with that year’s Praxis posts. I’ll make each one available for free to paying members at the time of publication, and list it for sale on Amazon as well.

If you could please leave a rating and review on Amazon after downloading the book, I’d REALLY appreciate it!

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