I recently interviewed Kent Sisco, the creator of a knowledge management app called Speare. It provides a flexible interface for capturing thoughts and ideas as building blocks that you can organize into a “visual thought library.”

Here are some of the features we demonstrated and discussed:

  • Find & Replace – Locate words and phrases and replace them easily with find-and-replace.
  • Side-by-side boards – Work with many boards simultaneously and arrange them in any order you like. 
  • Side-by-side search – Search different things at the same time with side-by-side search. 
  • Building Blocks – Organize your thoughts by drag-and-drop with building blocks.
  • Stats – Track your progress as you capture your ideas. 
  • Revisions – Revise content without losing the original idea. 
  • Images and Videos – Upload images and embed YouTube videos.
  • In-App Tutorials – Quickly get going with Speare in minutes with quick in-app tutorials.
  • Drafts and Sharing – Create drafts by compiling your boards and share them with colleagues and friends.
  • Board History – All changes to boards are automatically backed up so you never lose anything.

Watch our interview below:

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