The Lifecycle of a Profitable Online Course

I recently joined Chris Sparks to discuss the evolution of online education and identify the fastest path to creating profitable and sustainable online courses. In case you didn’t know, I’ve created 5 successful online courses which have generated over two million dollars in sales. My flagship course, Building A Second Brain, has been taken by more

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How To Work Effectively With A Personal Assistant, with Tim Francis

It is NOT easy OR cheap to “hire a VA.” But if done right, it is profoundly transformational not just for your daily workload but for your quality of life. I recently hosted a comprehensive, two-hour online workshop with the founder of Great Assistant, Tim Francis. Tim’s company is a three-part hydra: one part recruiting service, one part

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Interview on the Talk of Today Podcast with Sam Barton

I recently joined Sam Barton on his podcast Talk of Today. We had a pretty wide-ranging discussion, covering where people go wrong when it comes to organizing their information, general thoughts about Twitter, the social platform responsible for this conversation, my life philosophy Servant Hedonism, a bit about trauma, and why I’m an arms-dealer for smart people. Listen on Stitcher or

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