Notion As A Second Brain: Video

This is a full live recording of the presentation delivered by Tiago Forte and Lauren Valdez on their Notion As A Second Brain tour, on how they think about and use Notion in their work at Forte Labs. Scroll to the bottom of the post for a full transcript and slides. Guest presentations Below are

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The Heart is the Bottleneck

I’m proud to announce my new book, The Heart is the Bottleneck. In this book, I explore and dissect a wide range of topics related to productivity and personal effectiveness. From note-taking and writing, to creativity and curation, to being a digital nomad and working with a virtual assistant. Tying together these topics is the

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My Goals for 2020

Here are my goals for 2020. I’m publishing them for public accountability, and just in case anyone out there has a goal that is aligned with one of mine. 1. Write and publish Building a Second Brain book by June 1, 2020, with 100,000 copies sold by end of 2020 This is the big priority

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