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Why I’m Becoming an Official Advisor to Maven

A year ago I announced my investment in Maven, the first platform to enable creators to deliver live, online, community-driven educational programs to learners all over the world.  Today I’m officially announcing that I am becoming an advisor to the company. Whether you are creating your very first online course or making the shift to

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What’s New in Building a Second Brain 14

We are so proud to unveil the new generation of Building a Second Brain, our online course on how to leverage the power of information and unlock your full potential. After 5 years and over 5,000 alumni graduates from over 100 countries, we’ve learned a ton about how to create the ultimate learning experience. We

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Building a Second Brain: Book Pre-Order Bonuses

I’m proud to announce the pre-order bonuses for my upcoming book Building a Second Brain! Pre-orders are the absolute best way to support me and the work our team is doing in the world. As I’ve shared previously, pre-order sales are the most important signal of a book’s early momentum, and every single copy adds

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Book Update #6: Publishing deals in China and Taiwan

I’m incredibly proud to announce we’ve signed our first two non-English foreign publishing deals for my upcoming book Building a Second Brain!  The book will be available in China and Taiwan, both with major non-fiction publishers who have worked with many of the top Western authors to have their books translated and widely distributed. Knowing

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Forte Labs 2022 Goals

Every year since I was 21, I sat down each year to write down my personal goals for the year. This was my most important ritual for over 15 years, a realignment on the True North of my deepest values, principles, and dreams. This year I sat down to do it once again, and noticed

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The Building a Second Brain Sharing Guide

We encourage everyone who consumes our content and takes our courses to spread the word about Building a Second Brain – to share what they’ve learned, and to make their own contributions to the PKM ecosystem.  At the same time, we need to make sure we protect the intellectual property we’ve invested in. That’s why we put

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Book Update #5: Our first international book deal – the United Kingdom & India

We’ve just signed our first international book deal to publish Building a Second Brain….in the United Kingdom! The initial wave of pre-orders in the United States has turned publishing heads around the world, and my literary agency has reported a surge in interest and enthusiasm for BASB in multiple countries. We’ve signed with Profile, whose UK catalogue includes such bestsellers as:

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Book Update #4: You showed up – book sales are taking off!

Last week I asked you to be among the very first people to pre-order my new book Building a Second Brain….and boy did you deliver! The book quickly climbed the bestseller charts in the early morning hours last Tuesday, hitting the #1 spot in all 3 of its categories on Amazon. We peaked at #65 across the entire

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My Book Building a Second Brain is Open for Pre-Orders!

It’s not every day that 4 years of nonstop work hinges on one moment. But today’s one of those days! I’ve dreamed of writing this email for many years, and I can officially say it: You can now pre-order Building a Second Brain, which distills all of my best insights from 7 years of writing and

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Book Update #3: The Goal That Took Me 15 Years to Achieve

It was the fall of 2005. I was a 20 year-old student at Saddleback Community College near my hometown in Orange County, California. Over the previous year, I had exhausted nearly all of my college savings by attending one of the most expensive universities in the country, in faraway Washington D.C. Before I knew what hit me,

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Book Update #2: Manuscript in Production

I can hardly believe it, but my manuscript is officially in production and pre-orders for my book Building a Second Brain (BASB) will open in just TWO WEEKS, on Tuesday, Nov. 16!!! Subscribe below if you’d like to be notified the moment it’s available and stay updated on our milestones: If you’re just joining, I’m working

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