Progressive Summarization with PDFs 

By Marie-Pier Corbeil, Vice President and Lead Designer at RVE (Recharge Véhicule Électrique), working on solutions for EV charger installation in multi-unit residential buildings   To use progressive summarization with PDFs, here’s what I do: 1. I highlight and comment passages in PDF Expert (which is my layer 1): 2. I export my highlights and

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Progressive Summarization for Clinical Notes

By Dr. Roberto A. Leon Ferre, Oncologist, Mayo Clinic Here is a typical (hypothetical) clinical note for a breast cancer patient in a busy oncology clinic such as my own: A 35-year-old premenopausal female with recently diagnosed breast cancer presents today for recommendations regarding treatment. Her oncologic history is as follows: August 15, 2016: patient

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Online Workshop: How to Take a Digital Note, with Tiago Forte

Watch the full recording of the online workshop How To Take A Digital Note, by personal productivity and digital note-taking expert Tiago Forte. In this workshop I share the best practices I’ve discovered for using digital notes to save your ideas, organize your learning, and share your best work with the world, including what to save, how to

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