Building a Second Brain 10 Year Vision on a slide

Building a Second Brain: The 10-Year Vision

Our vision is that every single person in the world has the opportunity to create a Second Brain – a personal system of knowledge management – of their own. Everyone should have the chance to gather information and ideas, turn them into valuable knowledge, and use that knowledge to improve their own lives and the…

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Tiago’s 2021 Year in Review

2021 was the hardest year of my life. It all started, as so many things these days do, in 2020. Our entire lives changed within the span of a few months that year, from moving back to the U.S. from Mexico City in March, to buying and moving into our first home in May, to…

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Book Update #1: Popularizing the Second Brain

The #1 question I’m receiving these days is “When does your book come out?”

(If you’re just joining, I’m writing a book based on my online course Building a Second Brain)

So I’ve decided to give you all an update on how it’s going and what I’ve learned so far.

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Windows of Opportunity: A Fleeting Chance at the Impossible

In the summer of 1964, a young engineer at NASA named Gary Flandro was assigned a seemingly mundane task: to study ways of exploring the outer gas giants of our solar system. These planets didn’t get as much attention as our near neighbors, and remained largely unknown. As he researched the possibilities, Flandro made a…

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The Annual Review Workshop 2021

On January 9th, 2021 we’ll kick off our third annual workshop The Annual Review, which we’ve just opened for purchase. It is a virtual workshop taking place over two days, Jan. 9 and 10, where David Perell and I will lead you through the process we’ve developed over more than 10 years of combined experience. Doing a…

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Time Budgeting: What I’ve Learned from Doing 364 Weekly Reviews

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Praxis is Joining the Everything Bundle

My Praxis blog is joining Everything, an online publication curating the very best content on productivity, organizing, personal effectiveness, and strategy on the web. Click the button below to join, or keep reading for the full story. Join Everything When I first started Praxis, my mission was to “dramatically increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the…

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The New Forte Labs Website

I’m very pleased to officially present the new Forte Labs website! Here’s what’s new: New logo I had designed my last logo in about 15 minutes using cheap software, and it wasn’t up to the task of representing the company any longer. The WordPress developer created it as part of the site design, and I think…

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The 10 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurship

1. Entrepreneurship is hard because it requires someone with a strong command of reason, who is at the same time thoroughly unreasonable You have to be smart to be an entrepreneur, obviously. Modern businesses are complex, and you have to be able to reason effectively if you’re even going to understand how they function. But…

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North Star Podcast: Tiago Forte on the Future of Online Education

Check out my super in-depth, 2-hour conversation with my co-instructor David Perell below. We talk about what we think the future of online education will look like, how creativity and productivity are evolving in the modern world, and what we’ve learned from teaching over 1,000 students through our online courses, Building a Second Brain and…

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