Feminine Energy: What Productivity is Missing

There is no perfect algorithm that will tell you how to maximize your time for the things you most care about. You need to rely on your intuition. You need self-awareness to know what is truly important and understand what is actually stopping you from getting something done. But this perspective is often missing because

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The 5 Stages of Building a Second Brain

By Pranav Mutatkar Note from Tiago: these are the “5 stages” a recent student went through as part of my online course Building a Second Brain, in which I teach people how to create a system of personal knowledge management (known as a “Second Brain”) for themselves. 1. Holy crap, this could change everything. I’m going

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The Heart is the Bottleneck

I’m proud to announce my new book, The Heart is the Bottleneck. In this book, I explore and dissect a wide range of topics related to productivity and personal effectiveness. From note-taking and writing, to creativity and curation, to being a digital nomad and working with a virtual assistant. Tying together these topics is the

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