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Why I’m Becoming an Official Advisor to Maven

A year ago I announced my investment in Maven, the first platform to enable creators to deliver live, online, community-driven educational programs to learners all over the world.  Today I’m officially announcing that I am becoming an advisor to the company. Whether you are creating your very first online course or making the shift to

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What’s New in Building a Second Brain 14

We are so proud to unveil the new generation of Building a Second Brain, our online course on how to leverage the power of information and unlock your full potential. After 5 years and over 5,000 alumni graduates from over 100 countries, we’ve learned a ton about how to create the ultimate learning experience. We

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Building a Second Brain: Book Pre-Order Bonuses

I’m proud to announce the pre-order bonuses for my upcoming book Building a Second Brain! Pre-orders are the absolute best way to support me and the work our team is doing in the world. As I’ve shared previously, pre-order sales are the most important signal of a book’s early momentum, and every single copy adds

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Brazilian Online Education

The Case for Brazilian Online Education

I recently traveled to São Paulo, Brazil, to meet with a Business Development representative from Hotmart, the largest online learning platform in Brazil and one of the largest in the world. Hotmart was founded in 2011 and has grown explosively since then to over 1,000 employees, serving over 30 million customers in 18 countries with

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The 4 Identities of a Teacher: Reporter, Expert, Mentor, Role Model

When you decide to share what you know with others, your own learning takes off like a four-stage rocket.What are those four stages?I once learned of a framework for the evolution of a teacher’s identity over time from Brendon Burchard, an influential online marketer and teacher.It gave me tremendous clarity about my own progress as

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Building a Second Brain 13: The Founders

We are officially launching cohort 13 of Building a Second Brain (BASB), our flagship online course on how to save your best ideas, organize your knowledge, and use it to lead a fulfilling life with more ease and less stress. We’ve spent the last 5 months making a new round of radical improvements to every

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The Keystone Course Accelerator: Cohort 2

The online education industry is blowing up. Projected to grow by 247 billion dollars by 2024, online education is now known simply as “education.” Years’ worth of growth is happening in months as traditional institutions struggle to keep up and everyone from K-12 students to college students to professionals desperately seek ways to connect and learn

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Building a Second Brain in Miro

I recently hired designer and writer Michael Dean to summarize my Building a Second Brain course in visual form. Michael is the writing coach and lead facilitator for The Writer’s Studio, a new cohort-based writing workshop he recently launched in partnership with David Perell. I asked Michael to take the course as a participant, and to document the main lessons

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