Pleasure as an Organizing Principle

This essay was originally posted on the Ribbonfarm blog. The organizing principle of the modern world is pain. Avoiding it, yes. But also trading in it, taking refuge in it, and using it to justify our actions. Pain has so many uses. Why would you ever give up such a versatile tool? We trade in

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Zion 2.0 Podcast with Collin Morris: “Designing Your Reality”

In this interview, I spoke with Collin Morris on his podcast Zion 2.0 about what it means to “design your reality.” This conversation actually drifts quite far from productivity, and we got into some pretty interesting observations about personal growth, self-awareness, and the relationship between pain and pleasure. Visit the episode webpage, or listen below:

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A Maker’s Ethos in the Era of Networked Attention

Once upon a time, we faced the scourge of Information Overload. Too many emails with too many details producing too many open loops to keep track of. But now we have a new challenge: the Information Apocalypse. Not only is there far too much information to consume or manage, much of that information has now

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