Saving and Organizing Resources in Notion, by Marie Poulin

This is a short, excellent video by Notion expert Marie Poulin on how she organizes her notes, reading highlights, to do’s, and other personal information in Notion. Including cameos by my PARA system and Progressive Summarization technique, and a reminder to save notes “just-in-time” instead of “just-in-case.”

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My Top 10 All-Time Most Popular Articles

These are my Top 10 all-time most popular articles based on number of unique visitors: 1. One-Touch to Inbox Zero A step-by-step guide to streamlining your email workflow, which will save you hours every week and consistently take you to “inbox zero.” 2. The Rise of the Full-Stack Freelancer My prediction for the future of jobs, including a “portfolio

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5 Things I Learned From the Anti-Book Club

Last year I launched the Anti-Book Club, my own take on the tradition of book clubs. The idea is simple: instead of everyone in the group reading the same book, duplicating time and effort, we each read a different book on the same topic. Then each person summarizes the book they read, and I compile

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