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How to Be Productive Working from Home (Without Going Crazy)

Over the past 6 months as COVID has raged around the world, millions and millions of people have had to switch abruptly from working in an office, to working from home. Even if you had previous experience occasionally working remotely, you’ve probably noticed that doing it FULL-TIME is a completely different experience. You need a radically higher level of

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I’m speaking at Teachable’s “Share What You Know” Summit

It is June of 2016, and I’m sitting quietly at my computer in a trendy cafe in downtown Oakland, California. I’m gulping down a huge, over-sweetened chai latte and sweating profusely as I log in to my computer. I’m incredibly stressed out, and using the sugar as a coping mechanism. I’m sweating not because I’m working

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Video Series: Tiago Learns Roam

In this new video series, I walk you through my own learning process as I get to know Roam Research, the “note-taking tool for networked thought.” From creating my Roam account and opening the program for the first time, I’ll ask the stupid questions so you don’t have to, experiment with every feature through trial and

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Introducing Effortless Output with Roam

In the summer of 2018 I sat down with a guy named Conor at the Interval, a trendy coffee shop and bar on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. We were there to attend a conference called iAnnotate, on a niche academic topic called “web annotation.” I’d had a couple conversations with Conor online, and knew

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Why I Organize Areas in PARA with a Taxonomy of Functional Areas

Note from Tiago: Timothy Kenny is the author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs,” and is a top productivity instructor on Udemy with more than 87 productivity courses, 110,000+ students, and 5,000+ reviews. Watch our recent interview for a closer look at how our productivity systems can work together. By Timothy Kenny A student of mine recently enrolled in

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