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The 5 Stages of Building a Second Brain

By Pranav Mutatkar Note from Tiago: these are the “5 stages” a recent student went through as part of my online course Building a Second Brain, in which I teach people how to create a system of personal knowledge management (known as a “Second Brain”) for themselves. 1. Holy crap, this could change everything. I’m going

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Project-Based Learning: Designing a Capstone Project

By Will Mannon, Forte Labs Course Manager This memo outlines the Capstone Project that students will complete for Cohort 10 of Building a Second Brain (BASB). It was originally written for our internal team, but in the spirit of “working with the garage door open”, I’ve decided to share it here. Overview Each student will be

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Tiago Forte on the Everything is Teachable Podcast

I recently sat down with Melissa Guller on the official Teachable podcast, Everything is Teachable. Teachable is the online learning platform we use to deliver all our programs. In this episode, we talked about why I believe pre-produced content isn’t necessarily the best approach for online courses of any size. I made my most forceful

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Own Your Writing Platform

Publishing a book is like running for political office. There are a lot of people out there who you want to take a certain action, at a certain time and place in the future. With political campaigning, that action is to vote. With book campaigning, it is to buy your book. In both cases, you

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