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12 Steps to Build a Second Brain

How do you establish the habits of personal knowledge management in your life? Here are twelve practical steps you can take right now to get your Second Brain started: 1. Decide what you want to capture Think about your Second Brain as an intimate commonplace book or journal. What do you most want to capture,

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Why I’m Becoming an Official Advisor to Maven

A year ago I announced my investment in Maven, the first platform to enable creators to deliver live, online, community-driven educational programs to learners all over the world.  Today I’m officially announcing that I am becoming an advisor to the company. Whether you are creating your very first online course or making the shift to

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The Untethered Soul: The Roadmap of My Personal Growth – Part 4

Series Navigation: The Untethered Soul<< The Untethered Soul: The Roadmap of My Personal Growth – Part 3Michael Singer’s thinking and writing have provoked four fundamental mindset shifts in my life. First, I began to view everything as information.  I was already biased toward this view with my work, but reading The Untethered Soul helped me

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Book Update #7: Reflections on a New Season

Series Navigation: Book Updates<< Book Update #6: Publishing deals in China and TaiwanMy book Building a Second Brain comes out in 60 days. Cohort 14 of our course started a week ago with over 1,300 students enrolled. Our team of over 30 staff and collaborators is humming along like a well-oiled productivity machine. On every

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