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Our programs train knowledge workers in the most important skills they need to succeed in the Information Age, with an interactive, group-based approach to learning.

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An integrated curriculum of online courses

Learn more about Forte Academy and our approach to learning.

Capture, Organize, and Share Your Ideas Using Digital Notes

Discover the power of digital notes, and how to use them to capture your knowledge, organize your digital life, and enhance your creative confidence in sharing your ideas and insights.

Accelerate Your Career by Writing Online More Effectively

Master a step-by-step method for publishing quality content and distributing your ideas to your professional network, leading to more opportunities and more serendipity in life.

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our unique community

We believe that community is essential to effective learning. Our students span the globe and come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
But they share a common purpose: learning new skills and shifting their perspective on modern work. 

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our approach

We draw on our 8 Pillars of Education to provide a structured learning environment for people to explore and build new things:

Deep trust

Our students demand an environment of deep trust, and we will do everything we can to protect and promote it.


Students trust us to help them achieve their goals. We set clear expectations & hold students to high standards of performance.

True Community

Our goal is to curate a diverse community of people committed to learning, and help them connect with each other no matter where they live


Our job as instructors is not to provide the “right answers,” but to coach students in structuring their own learning.

peer teaching

Our goal is to guide highly-committed students through a process of shared discovery where they can learn from each other.


Learning is a process of personal growth, which can be uncomfortable. We don’t shy away from addressing that in our programs.


We are not teaching for a test, certification, or diploma. Our measure for success is real-world action and practical effectiveness.


We are in business to help people fulfill their potential, and ultimately to contribute to a better future in service of humankind.

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about our instructors


Tiago is the founder of Forte Labs and instructor of Building a Second Brain, our course on digital note-taking and knowledge management. His work is dedicated to helping knowledge workers revolutionize their personal effectiveness using technology.


Lauren is the co-founder of Forte Labs, and leads our corporate and nonprofit projects. She draws on her background in public health, urban planning,  and community development to serve our customers with a social equity lens.


David Perell is the host of the North Star podcast and instructor of Write of Passage, our course on modern writing. He is passionate about helping people publish their ideas online to attract new opportunities, grow their professional network, and accelerate their careers.

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