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About Praxis

Praxis (noun): practical application of a theory

What is Praxis?

Praxis is a blog dedicated to exploring the frontier of modern productivity. It exists at the intersection of theory and practice. 

It is a public forum where curious people can learn about the most insightful ideas, theories, frameworks, and methods in the world of modern work.

What is Praxis about?

Many people share a vision for a future of work that is more human-centered, creative, and fulfilling.

But none of us can make that vision happen alone. We need a tribe of people with a purpose to connect and collaborate with.

However, such people are rare.

They are often freelancers, entrepreneurs, or working within organizations, and lack a space to discuss their ideas, push boundaries, and speak their truth in a supportive environment.

Praxis is my attempt to create such an environment. 

My role is to provide seeds of insight — thought pieces, implementation guides, interviews, case studies, experiments, videos, guest articles — to spark interesting discussions. To help you identify and access new sources of leverage while respecting the unique qualities that make us human.

If you enjoy mind-bending ideas as well as practical results, if you are tired of the same endlessly repeated productivity advice, if you believe work can be a source of profound personal growth, you’ll feel right at home.

I invite you to take these ideas, apply them, reinterpret them, mix and match them, put them to the test, and report back. If we can prototype and experiment together, maybe we can create new ways of thinking and creating that the world so badly needs.

Topics I write about include:

What does the membership include?

I offer a monthly paid subscription for $10 per month (or $100 per year) for access to exclusive, members-only posts published 1-3 times per month.

This includes deeper dives into my best ideas, step-by-step guides, guest interviews, a book club, summaries of my favorite books, case studies, videos, and practical learnings from my coaching and consulting clients. 

If you find the free content valuable, you’ll love this in-depth content even more.

Your subscription allows me to invest significant resources into producing what I believe is the best productivity content on the web. By becoming a “Praxster,” you will directly support my work to redefine what work looks like.

Get Praxis and more as part of the Every bundle

Not sure whether a stand-alone Praxis subscription is right for you? You can also get Praxis as part of the Every bundle.

The Every bundle is a curated group of the best writers on productivity, business strategy, and personal effectiveness on the web. In addition to Praxis, it includes newsletters like: 

  • Superorganizers, which conducts interviews with some of the smartest people in the world on how to be more productive
  • Divinations, which examines startups from a business strategy perspective
  • Napkin Math, which breaks down businesses by the numbers

Best of all, it only costs $20 / month, which is a deep discount compared to what it would cost to subscribe to each newsletter individually. 

Convinced? Click below to join:

I know the time you can invest in improving your productivity is limited, so my goal is to help dramatically increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the information you consume.

What would it be worth to have a significant breakthrough in how you execute your work every day? What would it be worth to achieve your goals years earlier while working less? 

Become a member and find out.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I leave comments?

This blog doesn’t have a public comments section to avoid spam. Paying members can access a private discussion forum. If you have a quick comment or question, find me on Twitter at @fortelabs.

Can I give a Praxis subscription as a gift?

Yes, you can! A Praxis subscription is the perfect gift for the productivity geeks (or potential geeks) in your life. Learn more.

Can I get an invoice?

Besides the automatically generated invoice sent to you via email, we only provide invoices for annual subscribers. If you need an invoice with particular information included, please contact us at hello at fortelabs dot co.

Can I get a refund?

We only issue prorated refunds for annual subscriptions. Please contact us at hello at fortelabs dot co.

Can I contribute a guest post or paid promotion?

No, and please don’t ask.